3-D Laser Scanning

3-D Laser Scanning

3D scanning is essentially a measurement technique that uses a safe laser to rapidly capture measurements, shapes, and contours of a surrounding facility, structure, or raw land site. These measurements are compiled to create a 3-dimensional model that is highly accurate, captures intricate details (even as small as the head of a screw), […]

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture Services

The Landscape Architectural team has developed and maintains a vital area of the firm’s successful disciplines. Established under the direction of one of BTM’s founding principals, a landscape architect, this division maintains a leading role in planning and design for a diverse range of projects offering our clients the expertise necessary to ensure […]

Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning Services

BTM’s Planning team offers services in land planning, community design, site development and rezoning by professional planners with a proven track record in providing thoughtful land plans which optimize the built environment while minimizing impacts on natural systems. Over the past 30 years in the development community, our planning staff has received […]

Renovations & Retrofits

Renovations & Retrofits
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Site Development

Site Development Services

BTM offers a collaborative team of planners, engineers and landscape architects, who are committed to designing large, mid and small scale developments that are buildable, sustainable, and maintainable for a wide variety of public and private clients. Our projects start with understanding our client’s mission, then preparing a thoughtful land plan which optimizes […]

Structure Services

Structure Services

BTM Engineering was founded with structural engineering being one of the core services provided by the firm. The structural engineering and design credentials and capabilities of the staff draw from a wide range of collective engineering experience including industrial structures, commercial and residential buildings, schools and churches, and steel towers, among others. The group […]

Surveying Services

Surveying Services

The Surveying team offers land surveying, mortgage and site surveys, ALTA surveys, major and minor subdivision and record plat preparation and processing, construction staking and setup. The surveying team includes licensed surveyors, LSITs and several additional field crew members. The surveys are GPS based providing ample detail for various uses.

Boundary Surveys
Topographic Surveys

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering Services

The Traffic Engineering Team, which consists of two Professional Engineers and support staff, provides many facets of traffic engineering services for private developers and local and state transportation agencies. Our engineers are highly familiar with presenting the results of traffic impact studies to neighborhood groups and to planning and public works agencies. They […]

Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Our Transportation team supplies a large percentage of the expertise for BTM’s public sector clients. We have two Professional Engineers on staff that have over 40 years of transportation experience. The professional staff is supported by technicians that are experienced in transportation projects. BTM is prequalified with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in the fields […]

Wireless Services

Wireless Telecommunication Services

BTM Engineering, Inc. has engineered several thousand individual wireless telecom projects and currently teams with most wireless carriers, project management firms, and tower companies. We are able to package, price and coordinate services in a way which enables our customers to successfully achieve their goals. Engineering your success ensures our success. Most of […]