Structure Services

BTM Engineering was founded with structural engineering being one of the core services provided by the firm. The structural engineering and design credentials and capabilities of the staff draw from a wide range of collective engineering experience including industrial structures, commercial and residential buildings, schools and churches, and steel towers, among others. The group is well versed in a diverse array of structural material from steel to concrete to timber products and is continually upgrading its knowledge base by keeping abreast of new products and building techniques as they are developed.

The Structures group focus is not only on the design of structures capable of performing their intended purpose from a load carrying capacity, but also places equal design emphasis on insuring that the structure being designed is constructible and integrates seamlessly into the system or project surrounding it.

The Structures group also recognizes the need for timely and cost effective design in today’s economy where the pace of construction is fast and the demand for value engineering is high. All of these components are carefully considered during the structural design process while insuring that the most important component, public safety, remains paramount.

  • Industrial Applications
      • Manufacturing Facilities
      • Telecommunications Facilities
  • Architectural Applications
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Residential Buildings
    • Schools and Churches
  • Towers and Vertical Structures
  • Bridges
  • Culverts
  • Wireless Telecommunications Towers and Platforms
  • Residential, Commercial, and Office Buildings
  • Industrial Process
  • Inspections
  • Retaining Walls